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Modern problems require modern solutions

Cyber Security driving you up the wall?

Constant staff and resourcing changes killing productivity?

Do you need to automate more of your business operations to improve on customer/care outcomes?

Does your business need to be more dynamic with staff and contractors working from everywhere, not just the office?

A complete model to Support, Grow and Secure your organisation

Nevo Support is Proactive for 2022.

  • Nevo Support provides all of the existing benefits of Proactive, including Proactive maintenance and support for all IT infrastructure including Servers, Desktops, Smart devices etc.
  • Introduces a dedicated help desk for faster support when needed.
  • Reduces the frequency onsite, but increases the time spent when onsite.  The intention behind this is to ensure long term purposeful changes can be implemented (As often structural changes will take more than a couple of hours) and more opportunities for discussions around business improvement can occur.
  • Introduces a new online customer portal with better access to Services, Documents and Reporting.
  • Is overall better designed to support Work from Home and the more dynamic environments we find ourselves in 2022, where it’s often harder to engage one on one with staff in the work environment.
  • Overall, costs less and provides more flexibility for clients to move up and down plans as the business demands change, with Essentials (being remote only) to Complete plus (providing weekly onsite presence).

NEVO Grow is purely about increasing business revenue, productivity and growth.


  • Nevo Grow is implemented by a number of new team members at ClubIT, a targeted program to look at and develop ways to improve business revenue and productivity utilizing the latest technology.
  • Nevo Grow is an ongoing consultative process, where initial internal discussions take place about business operations and current challenges.
  • The new Nevo Growth team will work with you on an ongoing basis developing solutions and implementing projects to address business challenges.
  • Grow includes a variety of consultants from different disciplines, for example a developer might be required to develop an integration that reduces staff time required to complete a task or someone with project management experience might be utilized to help implement a project that’ll create new business opportunities.
  • Depending on your Growth plan (Essentials, Standard, Complete) ClubIT will provide strategy, research, project work, automations and system development to put together new ways to maximise your businesses growth through technology.

The cyber security environment is changing rapidly, ClubIT’s new Secure offering is designed to keep our clients ahead of the curve.


  • New tools, processes and technologies specifically designed (and independently validated) to tick every box for the common cyber security frameworks(Essential 8), insurance requirements and new auditors’ standards.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery as standard, inverse chain technology designed to provide reliable cloud based backups with the ability to run your business environment fully from the cloud in the event of any disaster.
  • 24/7 Managed Threat Detection and Response, A security team behind the scenes actively monitors each endpoint on your network to enable us to respond to any of the latest threats before they become a problem.
  • Ongoing Cyber Security Awareness Training, ensuring the weakest link (humans) are constantly kept up to date with best practice cyber security as well.
  • Mobile device management, ensuring all smart and portable devices that are often taken home and away from the work environment are locked down, tracked and can be secured on demand.
  • Nevo Secure comes in 3 plans (Basics, Essential 8, Essential 8 + Compliance)

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