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The Advent of the NBN has fundamentally changed the Telecommunications landscape in Australia. With this change comes a level of risk and opportunity, let us be your guide and turn Business Communication technology into a key strength and source of growth in your business. ClubIT offers a full end to end solution to all of your business communication needs, no buck passing, everything is taken care of by us.



A total communications solution for your business

ClubIT offers the full suite of NBN, Phone and IT Consultancy services allowing us to fully manage your ICT transition over to NBN, ensuring every aspect of the migration is covered.

In addition, Utilizing the latest 3CX Phone platform ClubIT can deploy a completely flexible, contract free, business grade phone system that will save you thousands a year.

Our technology replaces traditional bulky phone systems with a lightweight, feature rich system that will change your businesses workflow overnight.

Have you ever wanted to automate tedious tasks like processing credit cards or orders over the phone? Our platform can do that.

Are you the type of business that can’t afford to miss a single phone call? What if you had a smartphone app that could take your desk extension with you wherever you go? Our Platform will do that.

Have you ever wanted to have a professional system with menu options and custom business on hold message like the multinationals have but it’s always just been out of your budget? Our platform is not.

Utilizing NBN Technology and our Phone Solution 3CX enables all of this and more.

Not only that but it’s up to 50% cheaper than competitors systems, making it one of the most powerful and affordable systems on the market to date.

And lastly, but most importantly it’s backed by us, ClubIT, Local business grade support for over 10 years, completely managed by one team under one roof, no overseas call centres ever and in most cases instant fixes due to remote management power of our systems.


Friendly help is a wonderful asset, builds confidence and trust. I stick to people 1. I like 2. who prove to me they know what they are doing. 3. come up with the goods.

David S
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