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Healthcare IT Support

Healthcare IT Support

IT Solutions for Healthcare

ClubIT has been servicing the healthcare industry for over 20 years.  We offer software, hardware, and networking solutions to ensure your practice operates securely and efficiently.  Our range of products and services cater to the demanding needs of Hospitals, Allied Health, and Aged Care Facilities throughout Australia.

Benefits Of Our IT Services

Reliable 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Let us do all of the hardwork. Never worry about your IT again.  Our local technicians can immediately respond remotely.

Heavily Experienced

Decades of experience implementing new and improved systems for medical practices means your practice runs more effectively.

Leaders in Innovation

We understand the need of practioners.  That’s why we are constantly developing solutions that our clients need.  Like our latest development NurseAI which uses bluetooth and wifi technology to seamlessly connect patient sensors with practioners smart devices. 

Latest Cyber Security Technology

There’s no perfect solution to mitigating against the risk of Cybercrime. ClubIT uses a multi-layered approach using, solutions, strategy and training to mitigate against the risks to keep your business ahead and fully covered.

Experts in Infection Control PPE

When a technician needs to come on-site we unerstand the importance of Infection Control.  With the ongoing threat of Covid-19 PPE precuationary measures are our uptmost priority.

Exclusive Backup Systems

In the event of a system-wide crash mitigate against a disaster with ClubIT’s Proprietary backup systems.  Our Proactive Plan puts measures in place to ensure your opeartion is running 24/7. 

Keeping Our Clients Safe and Operating

Serving Healthcare since 2000

Hear from the founding director of Right Foot Podiatry, David Shaw, and how they’ve been using Club IT’s Proactive Service for the last 18 years to ensure their multiple 12 practices operate flawlessly.  Take the headache out of IT, and focus on what really matters: your practice!

Protect Your Practice Today!

Forget about just Firewalls and Antivirus.  Today’s criminals are finding new ways to expose your network and data.  Is your medical practice safe?

Cyber security is on the mind of many medical inudstries recently.  Cyber attacks are becoming common place in our daily news, including a recent attack on a Meblourne aged care facilty.  It only takes one breach to expose countless amounts of sensitive data.  Reputational damage can kill any business and the costs quickly add up to the tens of thousands.  

Ensure that your medical practice is using the latest and most advanced measures with ClubIT’s Security+ Plan.