What Is Managed IT and Why Do You Need It?

Posted on May 28th, 2020
By: Karen Parks,

IT used to be a fairly simple equation. Managed IT services just weren’t necessary for most businesses to run. In fact, until the early 2000s, a lot of technology was still serial-based. For example, if you were a club, casino, or even retail business, your point of sales system would have a serial connection.

This is no longer the case.

managed IT services

Any serious business today needs a dedicated team to monitor their backup systems. Larger-scale businesses are more likely to have heard of managed IT services, but the benefits of managed IT aren’t just for big companies. As technological infrastructure becomes more and more interconnected, it’s become increasingly important to make sure your data is protected.

But not every business can afford to focus on IT. So, what can you do to stay safe?

Managed IT for Data Security & Cyber Security

Hiring individual members to build an IT team from scratch can be a headache. This is where managed IT comes in.

See, a business like Facebook or Google won’t need to go outside of their own staff for this. But what about the little guys? Just because you aren’t tech-focused doesn’t mean you’re not tech-enabled. In other words, technology enables your business to run, so you’re vulnerable to the same cyber threats as anyone else.

As we mentioned earlier, integration has its pros and cons. Cloud-based solutions are on the rise, and that’s great, because it means you can access your applications anywhere. But it also creates more opportunities for cyber criminals to attack you where you keep your data.

When everything is integrated, one breach can mean all of your systems becoming vulnerable. There is highly malicious ransomware out there that can destroy your network within hours and even cause you to go out of business.

“Break/Fix” IT vs Managed IT

The break/fix approach is basically waiting for problems to arise and then troubleshooting them. Managed IT, on the other hand, can help you avoid problems altogether.

Do you wait until something goes wrong and then call in the experts to fix it? That might be too late. Frankly, it’s better to have someone who is dedicated to regularly monitoring your IT systems.

Managed IT essentially means having a dedicated team. Think of it as feeding your business IT system a healthy diet rather than going to a doctor and buying more medicine every time it gets sick.

The break/fix approach in a nutshell:

Managed IT services in a nutshell:

ClubIT Managed IT Services

IT can be very expensive—if you don’t plan properly for it. Remediation is always more expensive than prevention. Every time you mitigate against a system security problem, you’re going to save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A managed service provider like ClubIT can provide 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance to help you respond quickly to issues. Any time a server goes offline, a computer gets a virus, or a hard drive starts to fail, we get the notification right away. Then, we can fix it for you before the problem grows into something really bad.

Instead of applying band-aids, our job is to upgrade and optimise your entire IT infrastructure. We’ll make sure your performance is up to spec, your backups are working, and your antivirus software is functioning properly. Additionally, we’ll integrate a help desk with your business email for quick help around the clock.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but you can’t afford not to have managed IT for your business. It’s cheaper even than having your own in-house IT, and it’s certainly going to save you money if you’ve been working with no IT team at all.

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