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With more and more internet capable mobile devices such as smart phones and Tablet PCs coming into the workplace, the demand for wireless internet access within the whole of the workplace is increasing.



Technicial Info

ClubIT specialises with a wide range of enterprise grade wireless technology such as Unifi and Ruckus, that can get your business off the ground running with a wireless solution that will cover your entire workplace, whether your workplace is indoors or outdoors, or you need to cover multiple sites, we have you covered.

With enterprise wireless such as Unifi, Ruckus or Meraki, you have the ability to host multiple WiFi access points which can be use to create one large wireless network so users can roam seamlessly and maintain their connection between access points

The access points are controlled from one central controller, which can be accessed through any device that can use an internet browser. The controller has traffic capabilities which allows you to monitor and control your wireless network. These features include setting up multiple access networks, restricting network traffic, monitor and control connected devices and more, ranging from guest portals to custom mapping of the network.

ClubIT can integrate a solution to all of your wireless needs for your company and make sure you are getting what you paid for. We will also show you how it works and give you some helpful hints on managing it to get the best value from it.

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